Monday 8 October 2012

We care for your well being and quality of life

Yogakshemam vahamyaham
We care for your well being and quality of life

At Yogaksema stress and lifestyle clinic ,we bring in two decades of clinical experience in Traditional Medicine and results of extensive scientific research in Traditional Medicine to evolve safe, effective, and authentic evidence based traditional s treatments and services combined with conventional medicine exclusively to heal and empower you, to help you to take charge of your health. 

Specialised clinics 
1.Stress Clinic 
Nowadays stress is almost inevitable for people at different stages in their life from childhood to old age. Mental stress is now well recognized to lead to physical symptoms and disease.

The key to managing many of these potentially life threatening diseases is prevention. For this it is necessary to detect early psychological and physical signs of stress. At the stress clinic we would be carrying out tests such as heart rate variability (one of the earliest signs of cardiac ill health), monitoring other changes which occur when stressed (for example breathing becomes irregular and shallow), as well as checking your rating of
 (i) the factors which could have caused you stress, 
(ii) the physical and psychological symptoms you feel as a result, and
 (iii) the way(s) in which you cope with stress. This would help us to devise a stress relief program to meet your special needs.

                                       2. Lifestyle Clinic 

The word ‘lifestyle’ is rather over used nowadays. Most of us are aware that there are both healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, with the former being obviously desirable. Almost all magazines, newspaper supplements and TV programs have suggestions about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. However what most people want to know is which of these suggestions have been proven by scientific research. The suggestions which our experts give you about diet, physical exercise, as well as how to attempt to deal with some of Life’s problems will be based on scientific evidence supplemented by their clinical experience. 

Lifestyle intervention includes yoga therapy ,clinical psychology ,clinical nutrition and massage therapy .  

3. Pain Clinic 

Pain is a protective reaction to a physical injury. Pain is the way our body lets us know that something is wrong. However the experience of pain is always uncomfortable, both psychologically and physically. There are several pain killers but unfortunately most of them have side effects if taken for a long time. These side effects include irritation of the digestive system and liver damage. Fortunately there are many traditional healing methods which can help reduce pain and discomfort. While acupuncture, derived from Chinese medicine, is believed to act on the subtle life energy (chi or prana), there are other methods as well. A recent and innovative method is spinal decompression 1, which acts by reducing the pressure on the backbone. This is of importance as the backbone covers the spinal cord which receives and conducts sensory impulses including pain. Apart from this certain yoga practices help in reducing sensitivity to pain so that ultimately a person may have pain but be able to experience it less strongly. Finally Ayurveda has several treatments to decrease the discomfort related to physical pain. However all of these will be given and supervised by the trained practitioners we have here. 

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